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EDI Services & e-Invoicing

Our history

Qualiopi training certification March 2022

eBusiness eXpert partnership with Storecove (Peppol authorized service provider)

Launch of eBDX Cloud Solution & creation of "Ebusiness Software Solutions" Australia

Intarsys (Germany) eBIn Cloud partnership & GS1 Factur-X qualification

eBIN C/S Evolution

eBDX SQL Evolution

Hosted EDI Solution

DiNet Network Integration

eBIn eInvoicing Solution & eBWX WebEDI Solution

EDI Solution eBDX Platform

Creation of "Electronic Software" Algeria

Conversion EDI Expert into eBusiness eXpert

Creation EDI Expert EDI Consulting

Our locations

Our international teams of experts create, develop and offer services in EDI and electronic invoicing.
    These organizations allow us to have clients and to intervene all over the world:
  • France: eBusiness eXpert, General Management and Sales
  • Australia: Ebusiness Software Services (ESS), Research and Development
  • Algeria: Electronic Software, support and development
  • United Kingdom: Data Interchange, communication and networks
  • Germany: Intarsys, PDF expertise
  • Netherland: Storecove, PEPPOL Authorised service provider