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EDI Services & e-Invoicing

Electronic invoicing becomes mandatory in 2024

Be Ready!

Tackle the new electronic invoicing reform with serenity thanks to our teams with the necessary expertise to accompany you by informing you, advising you, and providing you with solutions that meet your needs.

We are ready for 2024! Are You?

eBusiness eXpert is a founding member of the National Electronic Invoice Forum (FNFE) and actively participates in the workgroups and is therefore well aware of the reform and its implications.

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Discover eBIn Cloud, the optimal solution to dematerialize your invoices

eBIn Cloud, our API solution on Amazon Web Service (AWS®) provides you with unparalleled agility and reliability, as well as the versatility to interface with all ERP systems on the market.

Our solution always guarantees the highest levels of interoperability, security, and scalability to receive and send your invoices in any format desired or required by your partner.

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Our services

Our services are delivered by a team of seasoned IT and experienced security and administration specialists of Amazon Web Service (AWS®) our operations department, allowing us to provide a comprehensive service at competitive terms and rates.


Consulting / Audit

Thanks to our long experience in the EDI field, eBusiness eXpert engineers can conduct an audit of your information system to evaluate your capacity to use EDI and/or to switch to electronic invoicing.


Translation / Mapping

The Translator API is designed to be "any to any", i.e. we can translate any input format to the desired output format. It can be interfaced with most ERP systems.


Interoperability / Integration

Our solutions are based on the principles of universal standards and norms both in terms of languages and communication protocols, which ensures interoperability with other systems.


Development / Validation

Our solutions are implemented, tested and validated in a test environment before being imported into the production environment on Amazon Web Service (AWS®).


Training / Practice

We offer training in our field of expertise, EDI and electronic invoicing, to better master the use of our tools and services and / or deepen your knowledge.


Accompaniment / Support

Throughout your project, the eBusiness eXpert technical team will accompany and assist you through various support channels.

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