Established in France, operating in Europe, eBusiness eXpert is a company specializing in software development, consulting and services in the field of Professional Electronic Exchange (EEP) and Business to Business eCommerce (BtoB).

With over 15 years' experience, eBusiness eXpert offers clients a completely integrated service of all components of professional electronic trading:

       Platform multi-EDI standards,

       Communications tools,

       Value-added network (VAN),

       Data Centre for hosting, 

We enable our customers to choose the solution best suited to their needs and provide unique and effective technical support.

Moreover, eBusiness eXpert has broadened its horizons with partnerships in: :

Australia - Electronic Advanced Technologies and the Maghreb -Electronic Software to conduct research and development, and commercialization of our product

  Europe,  Data Interchange in Great Britain creating networks with companies specializing in the field to better support our international customers

As an active member of peak professional regulatory bodies such as Galia, GXS, CLEEP, FNFE-MPE and a regular participant in industry conferences and events,  eBusiness eXpert is constantly evolving its solutions and remains at the forefront of EEP technology.