eBWX (eBusiness Web eXchange)



is a web application compatible with « Autogration », and designed for companies in the automobile industry with small data flows who do not have the means to develop ERP or Management production but are anxious to work with EDI customers.

eBWXenables the client to :

  • view and print their requirement specifications(DELJIT and / or DELFOR)
  • make shipments while generating and printing barcode labels (standard ETI1 and ETI9) and delivery note (B)
  • send shipping (AVIEXP, DESADV) and the invoice after BL (INVOIC) review

eBWX is already used by RENAULT suppliers (CINDI), PSA (alternative Logistics), VOLVO and other manufacturers.

In the large-scale distribution trade the application is being rewritten to accommodate the latest GS1 developments.