Our services at your disposal:


eBusiness eXpert is experience in all aspects of electronic business exchange including:

  •  advice and assistance on EEP projects
  •  preparation of specifications and interchange agreements
  •  the search for optimal solutions
  •  the implementation of our EDI solutions Value Added Network (VAN) DINET, eBDX Platform eBDX-Connect (hosted EDI) Tax e-invoicing Ebin (eBusiness invoicing), etc.
  •  integration into the information system
  •  training seminars, workshops and study days(EDIFACT, XML, ODETTE standards, etc.)
  •  migration from one standard to another (EDIFACT, XML, VDA, ODETTE, etc.)
  •  support of EDI function within companies
  •  adaptation to technological developments in communication systems and information

Consulting & Training:

Thanks to many years experience in the field of electronic data exchange, eBusiness eXpert is in a position to advise on the setting up, implementation and maintenance of EDI projects or to simply offer guidance as to the basic principles that govern professional electronic exchange (EDI).

eBusiness eXpert is an approved training organization and can therefore enter into training agreements with clients.