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EDI Services & e-Invoicing

Communication Protocols Supported by DINET

    VANs and OEMs connected to DINET

    Our VAN is interconnected with all VANs and OEMs, the main ones of which are listed below:

  • Easylink, Tradanet, IBM, INOVIS, EDIServ, Sterling, T-Systems, Atlas 400
  • OPENTEXT (dont GXS), COVISINT, BT EDI*NET, EDS, Telefonica, BT Infonet, INDRA, Multilateral

    DINET supports all the communication protocols: OFTP, OFTP2, AS2, SFTP, X400, ...

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Minimize risk, reduce costs, and increase performance by running your EDI exchanges over a single connection. Our value-added network helps you integrate your data across all partner requirements with a single connection.
Managing multiple connections is complex and carries the same, if not greater, risk of failure in EDI exchanges, making it extremely costly. Your partners all have their preferred means of communication and you would have to manage multiple standards and protocols to exchange data with them.
DiNet is our cloud-based VAN managed by our EDI communication experts and maintained by our historical partner Data Interchange, which guarantees you high availability of service. This means that all the complexity of multiple partner communication protocols is taken care of by DiNet and you only need to make one connection to reach over 10,000 companies worldwide.
Thanks to the web-based dashboard, you can monitor your data exchanges and access integrated functionalities for statistics, analysis, reporting and increase your responsiveness to your partners' requirements.