Electronic Invoicing with eBusiness INvoicing (eBIN)




When the exchange (outbound or inbound) is made by EDI, e-invoicing is to archive the invoices in accordance with a protocol defined by the technical regulations* and return them according to criteria such as the date, purchaser , the seller, the number.

Archiving respect the original invoice and the refund must allow editing of the original and display the invoice in the clear. There is more need for paper invoices therefore.

The benefits of electronic invoicing are numerous:

   V cocheNo printing or paper involved
   V cocheNo postage charges
  V coche Rapid Delivery
  V coche Total reliability of content
  V coche Fast integration by the customer
  V coche Decrease in disputes 

Significant (about 2/3)reduction of operational billing costs

eBusiness eXpert Ebin provides the following two options:

  •  Archiving EDI invoices on the company website in the case of an "in situ" solution or
  •  Archiving on eBusiness eXpert servers (an electronic safe) in the case of a hosted solution
As with all eBusiness eXpert solutions, both options are compatible. In both cases, the architecture relies on our tax compliant Ebin (eBusiness Invoicing), integrated with the eBDX platform, using the ODEX communication server and RVA DINET.

*eBusiness eXpert is a signatory to the GS1 Charter of Interoperability, which guarantees free trade with other operators, and a secure, reliable and functional environment, offering the highest quality of service (Lien logo charte).