Foolproof Flexibility:

 As with the "in situ" mode, connections can be established with partners in all of the protocols listed ( FTP, SFTP, X400, AS2, OFTP, OFTP2) ) and exchanges made in all known languages including EDIFACT ( EANCOM, ODETTE, INOVERT …), ANSI X12, VDA, XML, and even proprietary languages.

Hosted EDI 




The client may for strategic or economic reasons, opt for a " hosted EDI " on eBusiness eXpert servers.

To enable this option eBusiness eXpert offers a solution using SaaS (Software as a Service)

Exchanges between eXpert eBusiness servers and the client information system are provided by Webservice eBDX –Connect. This is installed on the client information system and connected to our servers via the Internet using high-speed broadband bandwidth.

eBDX - Connect ensures the deposit of documents in the format of the application in the client information system during the reception process. Inversely it recovers documents at the time of issue.

Translation of documents to EDI standard format – inbound and outbound – is completely carried out on our secure eBusiness eXpert servers.