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EDI Services & e-Invoicing

We help you to choose the solution adapted to your needs and to realize your project in the most optimal technical and financial conditions.

eBusiness eXpert will help you choose your electronic document exchange solutions such as invoices (finance), orders and shipping notices (logistics), or medical services (mutual insurance).

We are able to meet all your expectations, whatever the level of complexity of your IT system, the size of your company, and your sector of activity, by relying on our high level of internal expertise and also on a network of reliable and reactive partners.

A large value-added network using all common international protocols ensures that electronic exchanges are managed and tracked end-to-end at a relatively low cost in real time.

eBIn Cloud

The solution to digitize and archive your invoices

eBIn Cloud is an application (API) that encompasses several flexible services, designed and developed for the dematerialization, validation, control, and secure archiving of electronic invoices.

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A set of web services

eBDX Cloud provides you with a multitude of web services: communication, translation, validation, archiving, and auditing.

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The Web EDI management application

The eBWX (eBusiness Web eXchange) application is designed for the automotive and retail sectors.

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API / Workflows

Our API range is varied and we have APIs for every need and every level of integration

The APIs are deployed on the Cloud. They are powerful, secure, flexible, scalable, maintained transparently for the user, and benefit from the latest innovations.

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Peppol is a set of artifacts and specifications

The use of Peppol is governed by a framework of multilateral agreements that are owned and maintained by Open Peppol.

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Exchange data with thousands of trading partners

Minimize risk, reduce costs and increase performance by exchanging EDI through a single connection.

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