eBusiness eXpert‘s Web EDI solution relies on eBWX (eBusiness Document eXchange) Web application.

This application allows you to:

  •  View orders received via EDI and generate shipping notices and the corresponding invoices to send via EDI to the customer
  • Generate and print barcode labels as well as paper BL. This solution uses the same translator tools, communication server, Value Added Network (VAN) as "In situ" and hosted "SaaS" solutions


 Indeed, eBusiness eXpert adds a new dimension to EDI Web solutions: eBWX is used as an interim solution to meet the demand of the partner company until its integration into ERP. This is made possible because eBWX is perfectly compatible with SaaS including Web Service eBDX-Connect.

Low acquisition costs may at times be offset by higher costs of response time and risk related to the acquisition, particularly if the flow and the number of partners increases.

In an effort to reduce this cost, eBusiness eXpert has automated the processes related to shipping and billing to a maximum.