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EDI Services & e-Invoicing

Electronic invoice

  • Semantic standard: EN 16931
  • Syntax standard: Factur-X, XML, EDIFACT
  • Complies with GS1, Chorus Pro/PPF, ODETTE/ GALIA specifications


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eBIn Cloud requires no local installation, is available immediately, and can be accessed at any time without interruption from any Internet connection.
Reduce your printing and mailing costs and gain speed of delivery and total content integrity and reduce litigation.
eBIn Cloud is built with state-of-the-art technology. Provide your business with access to the performance. Choose eBIn Cloud and get access to the most powerful dematerialization tools on the market.
Your invoices are stored in an electronic vault on Amazon Web Services ® (AWS) secure servers. Your invoices are protected and access is restricted to authorized personnel.
Be ahead of the curve, by 2024 sending invoices will only be possible through digital transmission. eBIn cloud complies with current and future legislation, European Union norms and standards (European semantic norm EN 16931), and Chorus Pro usage specifications (CIUS) in the public sector.
Amazon Web Service ® (AWS) is distinguished by its technology that meets your expectations in terms of Elasticity, Secured Storage, Load Balancing, etc...
Regardless of the size and sector of activity, public or private, we provide you with an adapted and flexible answer to your needs.
Fast integration by the customer, easy to use, web-based user interface.